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Shongololo Express - Dune Train Tour
(Semi-Luxury Train Tour)
Dune Train Tour - 16 Days
(Johannesburg to Swakopmund)

Day 1 Johannesburg

Join the Shongololo Express at Germiston Reef Steamers Siding from 08:00 onwards. After being welcomed by your tour guide and the Shongololo Express representatives you may enjoy a cup of coffee and a few biscuits. The train will depart at 10:00 and during your settling-in period, you can familiarise yourself with the detailed programme and the exciting excursions on offer to you during your trip ahead to Namibia!
Included Meals: D

Day 2 Bloemfontein - Kimberley

Bloemfontein is the seat of the South African judicial system. At the end of the 19th century it was also the capital of one of the old Boer republics, namely the Orange Free State.Kimberley is the capital city of the Northern Cape, well known of the Big Hole and the discovery of the diamonds that led to the establishment of the city in 1893.
Included Meals: BD

Day 3 Augrabies Falls And Border Crossing

Visiting the Augrabies National Park is not only a highlight because of its waterfalls (even though they are the main attraction). The interesting flora as well as the small Klipspringer is also worth mentioning. Three short hiking trails lead from the rest camp at the park entrance to and around the waterfalls. They are not very difficult to walk, but solid hiking shoes are recommended, because of the rocky ground. In April / May when the Gariep (Orange) River's water level is at its peak, an amplitude of 200 metres of water falls almost 60 metres down the granite ravine.
(Half day; distance travelled: ± 260 km)

The train departs from Upington and crosses into Namibia late in the evening.
Included Meals: BD

Day 4 Fish River Canyon

Enjoy an early-morning breakfast before we depart for the Fish River Canyon. Eroded over millennia, the Fish River Canyon is the second largest natural gorge in Africa. Set in a harsh, stony plain, dotted with drought resistant succulents such as the distinctive Quiver Tree or Kokerboom, the canyon is a spectacular natural phenomenon. It took hundreds of millions of years to evolve into its current shape. Its full length is 160 km, the width up to 27 km and the depth 550 m. After a quick stopover at the famous Canyon Roadhouse, which is interestingly decorated with old car parts found in the region, we push further to Keetmanshop for lunch (guests’ own account). In the afternoon we visit Giant’s Playground, an impressive jumble of massive dolerite boulders of 160 - 180 million years old. We end our afternoon with a visit to the Quiver Tree Forest, where around 300 specimens of this prehistoric tree, Aloe dichotoma, can be found. They grow between 3 and 5 metres tall and their forked branches reach skywards, affording beautiful photo opportunities.
(Full day; distance travelled: ± 300 km)
The train journeys from Keetmanshop to Aus over night.
Included Meals: BD

Day 5 Luderitz And Kolmanskop

Guests depart in the morning for a drive through the desert to visit the desert horse’s enroute to Luderitz. On arrival guests tour the historical town including the Cross and the ghost city of Kolmanskop. Take a walking tour, and learn about electricity, ice makers and 10 pin bowling back in the 30's!!
Guest re-join the train at Aus Station.

The train departs Aus for Windhoek in the evening.
Included Meals: BD

Day 6 Windhoek

Situated in Namibia’s central highlands, Windhoek is an attractive city surrounded by clusters of hills and the impressive Auas and Eros Mountains.
Included Meals: BD

Day 7 Etosha National Park

The tour departs to Etosha National Park, entering via the Namutoni Gate. The Etosha National Park is one of the major sanctuaries for wildlife in Africa and was proclaimed a game reserve by German Governor Von Lindequist in 1907. The heart of the park is the Etosha Pan (Etosha means “place of dry water”). It is an extensive, flat depression of about 5 000 km². Game viewing takes place from our air-conditioned vehicles. There are 144 mammal species in the park, which covers an area of 22 270 km². These include Elephant, Giraffe, Blue Wildebeest and Black Rhino. Among the predators are Lion, Cheetah, Leopard and several species of wild cat. Hyena and Jackal are the scavengers. Antelope species range from the majestic Eland to the shy little Damara Dik-Dik. The most striking of the antelope species is the Gemsbok, with its dramatic black and white markings. It also appears on the Namibian coat of arms. Bird life is prolific and some 340 species have been identified, including Namibia’s national bird, the Crimson-Breasted Shrike. Lunch (guests’ own account) is enjoyed in one of the camps. We meet the train back at a siding outside the park in the Oshivelo region.
(Full day; distance travelled: ± 200 km)
Included Meals: BD

Day 8 Etosha National Park

This morning is the last opportunity to experience the magic of Etosha’s animal kingdom (this time in the southern region of the park and once again in our air-conditioned vehicles). After lunch (guests’ own account) we depart for Otjiwarongo, where the train will await us for its southwards journey to Omaruru.
(Half day; distance travelled: ± 350 km)
Guests meet the train at Otjiwarongo station and the train departs to Omaruru.
Included Meals: BD

Day 9 Omaruru

Omaruru is a town and constituency in the Erongo Region of Namibia. Its official population is 6,792. The town is situated by the Erongo Mountains, on the usually dry Omaruru River.
The town grew around a mission built in 1872 by Gottlieb Viehe, now a museum, and was attacked in 1904 during the Herero and Namaqua Genocide. Captain Franke's Tower was built in this period to defend the settlement.
The town is known for its annual festival, its winery and for the dinosaur footprints at nearby Otjihaenamparero. We’ll visit the biggest wine cellar in Namibia Kristall Kellerei Winery – one of only three in the country! The white wine produced in this vineyard is unique and ‘the tales behind the story’ are interesting.
A unique feature in this town is the Tikoloshe root-carving factory on the outskirts of the town. Hardly any visitor leaves this place without a souvenir bought at this fascinating venue.
Enjoy a ride on a traditional donkey cart – available at the station.
(Full day: distance traveled: ± 10km + 500m on a donkey cart!)

The ‘braai’ on the station’s platform is another highlight.
The train departs early evening from Omaruru via Kranzberg and Usakos to Swakopmund.
Included Meals: BD

Day 10 Swakopmund / Spitzkoppe And North Coast

Spitzkoppe is known as the 'Matterhorn of Namibia'. It rises to an altitude of about 1 800 m. However, it is by no means Namibia's highest mountain. Due to its striking features and outlines, it is the most famous mountain in the country. Situated in an endless dry landscape, the island of mountains can be seen from quite a distance. The enormous granite rocks were created more than 100 million years ago due to volcanic activities and subsequent erosion. We continue to the small, thriving town of Henties Bay. The town was named after Major Hentie van der Merwe, who discovered a freshwater fountain in the estuary of the Omaruru River. Lunch (guests’ own account) is enjoyed before visiting the Cape Cross Seal Reserve north of Henties Bay. Here a prodigious number of Cape Fur Seals flourish in the cold waters of the Benguela Current. Numerous islets and isolated parts of the shore serve as nurseries for their young. This area is also of historical significance, as the Portuguese navigator, Diego Cão, planted a cross at this point in the year 1486. We make our way back to the train in Swakopmund in the late afternoon.
(Full day; distance travelled: ± 350 km)

The train remains stationary in Swakopmund over night.
Included Meals: BD

Day 11 Swakopmund - Walvis Bay

Swakopmund, Namibia’s seaside resort on the West Coast, is a place of singular charm. It resembles a small Bavarian village nestling between the desert and the sea and enjoys a restful and relaxing atmosphere. The source of Swakopmund’s continental vibe are the graceful Art Nouveau buildings dating back to the turn of the previous century.
Included Meals: BD

Day 12 Swakopmund

The day is spent at leisure.
Included Meals: BD

Day 13 Transfer Day

A late breakfast will be served on board the train. If guests are transferring to a hotel, this will be arranged for them in the morning. Transfers to the airport will be done as per the flight schedules.
Included Meals: B


Compartments range from basic with shared bathrooms, to luxury and private bathrooms

Compartments range from basic with shared bathrooms, to luxury and private bathrooms

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