Updated: 2015

  • John & Melody Heath T/A JoMel Group, "JoMell Group”,  “we”, “us”, “our”,  is committed to providing a high standard of service to all clients who respond to any of our communications, adverts, websites or promotions etc. These terms & conditions have therefore been prepared to inform all parties of the principles governing the use of our services. Other divisions of our business include: Grateful Guest House & Backpackers now providing a website called Bloemfontein City Accommodation, JoMel Dance, Contractor Accommodation, .
  • By accessing and using any of the services offered by us, whether verbally or in writing, whether for booking accommodation, catering, activities, transport, venues, tours, other hospitality / tourism services not mentioned, or asking advice, buying a website, buying a marketing campaign, buying advertising space or asking for a consultation, or other services or products not mentioned, all parties agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out herein.
  • Please DO NOT use our services if you do not agree to be bound by these terms & conditions. We may at any time modify these terms & conditions and your continued use of our services will be subject to the terms and conditions in force at the time of your use. Accordingly we kindly request that you review these terms and conditions each time you want to make use of our services as your continued access or use of our services shall be deemed to signify your acceptance of the amended terms and conditions. We reserve the right at any time to change or discontinue, without notice, any aspect, feature or service offered by way of any of our communications, adverts, websites or promotions.
  • We furthermore reserve the right to refuse assistance to any prospective client wanting to make use of any of our services or products at any time, without discussion or explanation.
Our services include but are not limited to the following:
  • Booking Sites: Providing modern online booking websites for Flights, Hotels, Guest Houses, Lodges, Car-Hire, Shuttles, Train Tickets, Tour Packages and more.
  • Booking Agency: Finding & booking accommodation, activities, transport, venues or catering.
  • Bloemfontein City Accommodation: Accommodating and entertaining guests in various accommodations in Bloemfontein: Bloemfontein City Accommodation
  • JoMel Africa: A service provided specifically for the construction, shop-fitting, installations, mining and business group accommodation.
  • Marketing: Promoting and advertising businesses through various means.
  • Design: Designing, hosting and managing websites, mini-sites, online promotions, adverts etc. for various businesses in various industries.
  • No opinions, information, data or content contained in any of our communications, adverts, websites or promotions shall be construed as advice and same are offered for information purposes only.
You Agree to:
  • You agree to abide by these terms and conditions in respect of any reservation, bookings or other services for which you need to pay as well as the fees that may be charged and that you are responsible for all charges, fees, duties and taxes arising out of the use of our services (as well as for any use of your account, your name, or your company, organization or business name by any of your staff members or others, including any person under the age of eighteen years)
  • Once you have indicated in writing that you require our services, you are legally bound to these terms and conditions and agree to our 5% (minimum R50) admin fee charged on services requested, whether a booking is made or not. If you decide to no longer make use of our services after requesting to make use of our services, you shall still be held liable for the admin fee of 2%, minimum R50, maximum 2% of services requested.
  • Once you have indicated in writing that you accept our services, using phrases like “ready to pay”, “accept quote”, “invoice us” or any other phrases or words indicating the same, you are legally bound to pay the cost price of the services required, plus 10-25% (or similar) added to the cost price (Depending on the size or nature of the booking). Once an invoice is requested and then payment is not made and you decide to no longer use our services, you are still legally bound to pay us 5% of the total for services requested, minimum R100, maximum 5%.
  • Bookings and services will only be considered confirmed once proof of 100% payment has been received by our offices via email. Where we agree to 2 payments for a service; The first 50% is non-refundable, and the second 50% is to confirm the booking or service requested.
  • All our prices and services quoted on are valid for 24hrs after being issued by us, unless otherwise communicated and agreed. Bookings are first come first served, and are subject to change daily depending on demand and availability. Quoted prices also change depending on the number of guests, the number of units / rooms booked, the length of stay, the facilities ordered, the extras ordered, and the season, whether low, off-peak, or peak tourist seasons. We can not be held responsible for rate and services changes made by the relevant service providers or establishments.
  • No rooms, services or activities can be held without receiving proof of 100% payment as all hospitality products are on a “First come First served” basis.
  • Once you have requested our services you furthermore agree to not contact any service provider that we recommend to you until payment has been received, after which all contact details will be sent to you by us.
  • You also agree to make your full requests known to us in writing before making payment. This covers requests like, larger showers, longer beds, dietary requirements, secure parking, storage for goods, wheelchair or disabled facilities etc.
We Agree to:
  • We hereby agree to find, hold and book accommodation for you as close to your specifications as possible. When booked at Grateful, we agree to hold and accommodate you in the units booked and on the dates indicated on your invoice.  When services are not available as requested, the closest available option will be booked for you. You hereby agree that this might mean a lower standard than what you are used to. We will receive payment from you and process payment to the supplier, minus our commission, where applicable. We agree to send you and the supplier a booking form with your and their contact details, directions etc. by email before you arrive. Where same day bookings are made this process might be delayed, you will then receive a sms message (text) from us.
  • We agree to arrange with the supplier all your requests but cannot be held liable where such requested services are not delivered or fulfilled on the agreed dates. All requests or services should be discussed and confirmed directly with the service provider once we have sent you a booking form with their contact details.
  • Proof of 100% payment received within the cut-off time shown on the invoice confirms a booking. We will then confirm your booking or service with you and the service provider.
  • Any deposits less than 100% WILL NOT confirm a booking or service. Where full payment (100%) has not been received by due date, such booking or service will be cancelled. You will however still be liable for our 5% admin fee of the total amount invoiced minimum R100 and maximum 5%.
  • Once 100% payment has been received by us, the relevant service provider will be paid. 
  • Please Note: Where, for example, a single room is paid for, only one person may use those facilities. Where a twin / double room is booked only two people may use the room, etc.
  • Extra guests entering your room will be charged.
  • No off-premises service providers are allowed in any room or venue you have booked, except what has been arranged and paid for.
Cancellations & Refunds:
  • 50% of your booking deposit is always non-refundable.  (Travel Insurance is available to cover your booking)
  • Strictly NO REFUNDS less than 14 days before arrival. Only cancellations or changes received before 14 days will be considered for refunds, where possible. (Travel Insurance is available to cover your booking)
  • NO REFUNDS will be given for services booked but not used, or for late arrivals or early departures. (Travel Insurance is available to cover your booking)
  • Please note that when a refund has been agreed upon, it means the service provider will be paying you back an amount according to their terms and conditions, minus our commission of 17% of the total amount, minimum R250, minus any possible 3rd party fees, like admin fees, bank fees, cheque fees, courier fees.
  • Please also note that in some cases a service provider or establishment might have their own cancellation policies that vary from ours, and therefore could also affect any refunds. 
Double Bookings or Cancelled Services:
  • In the case where a double booking might occur or where a supplier cancels a service due to booking another customer or any unforeseen reason, 85% of the payment received will be requested from the service provider or establishment in order to secure the next best accommodation or service on behalf of the client, or the service provider or establishment will be asked to refund you.
Safety & Indemnity: 
  • You also agree that you accept responsibility for your own safety as well as the safety of your group (family, friends, colleagues and/or clients and/or referred guests) and hereby agree to not hold us, our staff, suppliers, service providers, establishments, or anyone in anyway related to our activities responsible for any loss, damage, injury or death while making use of any of our services, information, products or referrals.
Acceptable Behavior:
  • You hereby accept responsibility to communicate to your family or group or client the following terms & conditions.
  • No Substance Abuse will be tolerated by any of our staff, services providers, accommodation providers, activities providers, transport providers, venue providers or caterers. Those not complying might be asked to leave the premises without refund or alternative service, failing that the local authorities might be asked to intervene.
  • No alcohol related parties or loud parties permitted on any premises, except where a pub, bar or similar venue is provided by the service provider. (Venues for parties and noisy events can be booked through various service providers beforehand if this is the purpose of your visit)
  • No loud music, parties, street-parties or events are allowed to be arranged or held in the streets in front of an establishment or service provider, nor within their premises or neighboring premises except where permission in writing has been granted by the relevant municipal or other authorities. (Venues for parties and noisy events can be booked through various service providers beforehand)
  • No Smoking: According to South African Law, No Smoking is allowed in or near any accommodation, building, public place or vehicle. Smoking areas or lounges are normally provided by each service provider, please feel free to speak to your host about where the smoking areas are.
  • A cleaning fee of R500 is normally charged where rooms have been smoked in, as carpeting, walls, furniture, curtains, mattresses etc. all need to be cleaned before the next guests arrive. Please note that some establishments might charge a cleaning fee of R2,000 or more depending on the content of each room. 
  • Your Visitors sleeping in your rooms will be charged full price: Most Guest Houses, Hotels and other service providers have strict policies in place to protect their interests. If you are planning on having visitors during your stay, please ask your host if this will be possible and what they require from you. In many cases there are day fees per person payable, and normally your visitors will only be able to visit you on the premises until 10pm before being charged as a guest for the night. In many Hotels, Guest Houses and Lodges, visitors are only allowed to visit in the lounge or communal areas and are not allowed in the rooms, especially during festivals or peek times. In general, guests who stay on the premises after 10pm at night are charged a per person rate for the room or facility booked by the paying guest they are visiting. In general, extra visitors found in rooms might be charged full rates, except where prearranged with management.
  • Articles of Value: Please Note: Any articles of value, be it goods, supplies, laptops, mobile phones, cameras, cash, pets, credit cards, vehicles, jewellery, tools, clothes, or any other valuables, need to be insured by you, your family, your group or your client, before you or they book in at any service provider or establishment, and you are responsible to keep such articles out of view and in a safe place to prevent theft, damage or loss. Please keep all articles of value insured, out of view and in a safe place while enjoying the services of any service provider you book. Click Here for General & Travel Insurance.
  • Life & Medical Insurance: Please Note: Your life insurance, medical insurance (medical aid) need to be applicable to the country and types of activities you plan on doing during your stay. Please also note that your various insurance policies need to be paid and up to date at all times while making use of the services of any service provider or establishment, to cover you in the event of any injuries, loss, damage or death. Where dangerous or adventure activities such as ski-diving, bungee-jumping, bridge-swinging, abseiling, diving, skiing, or any similar type of activities are being included in your trip, please make sure that your insurance, travel insurance and medical insurance (medical-aid) covers you, your family, your group or your client for such activities.
Breakage Policy:
  • Any damages to property or misuse of facilities, lost keys, lost remotes, leaving stoves or heaters on while off the premises will be for your account.  Accommodation and other services are sold as is, and as advertised by the various establishments. 
Force Majeure:
  • Delay or failure to comply with or breach of any of these terms and conditions if occasioned by or resulting from an act of God or public enemy, fire, explosion, earthquake, perils of the sea, flood, storm or other adverse weather conditions, war declared or undeclared, civil war, revolution, civil commotion or other civil strife, riots, strikes, blockade, embargo, sanctions, epidemics, act of any Government or other authority, compliance with Government orders, demands or regulations, or any circumstances of like or different nature beyond the reasonable control of the party so failing, will not be deemed to be a breach of these terms and conditions nor will it subject either party to any liability to the other.
  • In the event that either party is prevented from carrying out its obligations in terms hereof by reason of force majeure on or during the agreed dates of this agreement, invoice or quote, the parties will consult with each other regarding the future implementation of these terms and conditions. If no mutually acceptable arrangement is arrived at within a period of 7 (seven) days thereafter, JoMel Group shall be entitled to terminate all of its rights and obligations in terms of or arising from these terms and conditions and/or any service forthwith on written notice.
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