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Upmarket Health Products, Supplements, Weight & Fitness Supplements, Skin Care Products & Work From Home Opportunities.

Up to 95% of multi-vitamins and nutritional products are falsely advertised and made by putting some chemicals together, of which the body can only absorb a small percentage. What the body uses is food extracts, from living organic plants and not dry powders mixed together in a chemical lab. This makes Mannatech one of the few companies that Most of us don’t get the whole-food nutrition we need to maintain our health, let alone optimal health.
These products are formulated based on the fact that the most effective nutrition for human beings comes from plants an not from chemicals. This revolutionary new supplement contains:

Skin Care Products:
1)   Hydrating Gel with Aloe, Vitamin A & E

2)   Moisturizing Body Crème

3)   Aftershave (Soothing Milk)

4)   Cleansing Oil (Makeup Remove)

5)   Eye Cream (Reduces Fine Line)

6)   Face Cleansing Cream

7)   Samples of Most Skin Care Products (Tester Pack)

8)   Optimal Skin Care System

9)   Trial Set - Samples of Optimal Skin Care Set

10) Hydrating Skin Cream

11) Rejuvenating Skin Lotion

12) Younger Looking Skin Serum 


ORDER your Skin Care products and Phytomatrix NOW for maximum results: We recommend using Phytomatrix (a superior Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Complex) in conjunction with your Skin Care products to provide your body with the necessary nutrients to help repair and maintain your skin from within.

Phytomatrix (Muliti Vitamin & Mineral)

  • A natural source vitamin complex
  • Plant-sourced minerals
  • Standardized phyto-chemicals
Just one daily serving (four caplets) can provide your body with the plant-sourced nutrients it needs to maintain optimal health. The benefits are like no other. Buy Now and feel different within a few days to a few weeks after

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Although JoMell Health Products, a division of the JoMell Group SA, believes Mannatech's products to be of an excellent standard and to be a Company of Sound Business Practice, we of JoMell Group act independently from Mannatech Corporation of Copell, Texas, USA and declare all Guarantees, Warranties, Product Statements, Clinical Trial Information, Product Labels, Adverts, Videos and Products Themselves to be those Manufactured or Supplied and Supported by Mannatech and need to be discussed and taken up with them if any questions should arise from using or selling their products. 

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