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Group Accommodation
Group Accommodation throughout South Africa

We help find and secure small, large or mass Group Accommodation anywhere in South Africa.

We have been successful in finding and securing large group accommodation and catering for international events like the FIFA World Cup 2010, ANC Centenary Celebrations 2012, ANC Conference in Managaung 2012 and Sports Tour Accommodation for 200+ in 2013.



Contractors Accommodation
Contractor, Shopfitter and Crew Accommodation in SA

We have been privileged to work alongside some large companies to find and secure their accommodation. The following industries have been assisted: construction, national promotions, staging & sound, electrical, plumbing, shelving, shopfitting, fencing, sales reps etc.



School, Church, Youth, Family & Educational Camps

We find and secure camp grounds for your school, church, youth and family reunions anywhere all over South Africa. From small (10 guests) to large (500 or more guests), with bedding and without.