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Accommodation in Ballito

Ballito is also called Ballito Bay or the Dolphin coast and offers a hot sub-tropical beach climate throughout the year. This part of Kwazulu Natal is also called the North Coast as it is about 1 hour north of Durban, South Africa. Ballito is also about 20min drive from the Durban International Airport, also known as King Shaka International Airport. Accommodation in Ballito offers tourists a wide choice of self catering accommodation in the form of beach flats, beach houses, beach resorts and beach apartments. There are also many Ballito hotels from basic up to 3 star, 4 star, 5 star for those who want to holiday in luxury and style. If you have a credit card you are welcome to compare accommodation options below:

Compare 100's of Bed and Breakfasts, City or Town Lodges, Bush Lodges, Guest Houses, Resorts, Backpackers and some Hotels in Ballito.

Looking for cheap holiday accommodation? Compare self catering accommodation at guest houses, bed and breakfasts and resorts in Ballito or surrounding areas.

Ballito is also known as Ballito Bay, North Coast or the Dolphin Coast.

Ballito from the air shows some of the hotel and self catering available.


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Durban International Airport (King Shaka International)


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